Dr. Chartchai Changsen



  • 2004: Ph.D. (Microbiology), Mahidol University, Bangkok, THAILAND
  • 2002: Pre-doctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois, Illinois, USA
  • 1997: B.Sc. (Medical Sciences), Mahidol University, Bangkok, THAILAND
  • 1995: Medical Scholars Program (Ph.D. graduated), Mahidol University, Bangkok, THAILAND


Research interests:

  • Molecular biology of Vibrio spp. especially V. harveyi (a shrimp pathogen), and V. cholerae
  • Quorum sensing (QS) in Vibrios and its significance in bacteriophage-associated virulence of a pathogenic isolate of V. harveyi
  • Development of QS inhibitor screening assay upon challenge with V. harveyi using insect cells
  • Molecular epidemiology of V. cholerae using PFGE and VNTR typing methods
  • Molecular biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and development of TB serodiagnosis


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